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About Us

Ellis Chang
Strategist. Artist. Storyteller. 
Ellis grew up witnessing the struggles of his parents who were small business owners. They were immigrants who set up a beauty supply shop in a tough neighborhood near Newark, NJ. Ellis saw them endure the challenge of doing business in an area with frequent crime, but also noticed the bond that developed with the community after locals got to know his family's story.  
Small business ownership experiences are all unique, but they are NEVER EASY. Ellis has a passion to enable small business owners and other organizations to share their unique stories and connect with customers, constituents, and stakeholders where they reside - on social media and the web. He has a breadth of experience and depth of perspective as a father of three, musician, Iraq War veteran, strategy consultant, design thinker, and graduate of Harvard & the University of Michigan.
Ellis enjoys discovering new things, connecting with people, &
binge-eating kettle chips. 

Michael Villalas

Techie. Performer. Storyteller. 
A son of a US Navy Corpsman and a registered nurse, Michael has his own story of life’s turns and twists, triumphs and defeats, love won and love lost, and everything in between. His journey began just outside of our nation’s capital in Maryland where he was born and raised.
As a child, he enjoyed a lot of the simple things like riding his skateboard until his legs gave out, sketching everything from cartoon characters to graffiti, and writing and passing notes in class. At the age of 10, he wrote his first computer program on his Commodore 64. Along with reading his uncle’s Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines, this sparked his lifelong interest in all things technology, science, and computers.
Michael’s sense of creativity and passion for technology drive his desire for storytelling through digital cinematography. His organic style of working mimics his life as a father of two, husband to his one and only, technologist by trade, and a performer for the masses.
When he isn’t creating in the lab or spending time with his family, you can find Michael at the local karaoke bar with a mic in his hand.
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